The Bridge Fund of Westchester and New York

Our Mission:

“The mission of The Bridge Fund is to prevent homelessness for vulnerable individuals and families who are threatened with the loss of their housing, but often do not qualify for emergency assistance because they have some income.”

Who We Serve:

Our clients are surviving paycheck to paycheck and are facing homelessness due to an unforeseen financial set back resulting from an illness, a job loss, a cut in employment hours, an accident, domestic violence, the loss of a partner or any other unavoidable situation. Our clients can not pay the past rent due to their limited resources and this is where we intervene with our financial assistance. All clients must show us that they are financially stable moving forward and must also provide the current month rent. We then make a payment directly to the landlord.

How You Can Help:

Donations for direct client assistance are always a need as this is how we keep families and individuals housed. The families we help are living on a financial edge and its not always possible to get food, clothing or school supplies without falling behind on rent or utility payments so we also give gifts to our most needy clients in the form of gift cards to cover these needs. Specifically we give gift cards to ShopRite and A&P for food, Old Navy for clothes throughout the year and Staples for school supplies in the summer for the new school year.

Preventing homelessness is a crucial goal for us, because without a home a human being has close to nothing, save grace and faith. We thank you in advance for your support because in these times it could be a neighbor you are helping and you may never know it!

With Gratitude,

Lisa Buck, Director

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